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Business Licenses


Pay for your Business LicenseAll businesses in Wapato must have a license whether they are for-profit or non-profit.  Renting a home or apartments is considered a business, Landlord License. 

All other licenses from the federal and state governments will be needed before you apply for your City of Wapato Business License. When you apply for a business license, it will ask if you meet all the zoning and building requirements for the City of Wapato.  Please contact 509.877.7146, Tony and/or Santos, to answer that question for you.

For profit businesses need to have a State Unified Business Identifier (UBI) as well.  To get this, you apply for a Washington State Business License.


Application Process

Once all that is done, complete this application process for your Business License:

  • Fill out an Business License application. Pay the Business License fee. You will be given a receipt. The receipt is NOT a license to do business.
  • The license will be reviewed by all the pertain departments at City Hall.  The business premises will be inspected.  If the premises don’t meet requirements, the process will stop at this point until all requirements are met.
  • The license will be issued upon approval of all departments.
  • The license is not transferable.  That means that if you move or change the name or someone buys the business, a new application needs to be filled out for the City.

Please read Business License Information and Business License Renewal for more details.


Other Business Links

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The public is invited and encouraged to all open public meetings of the City Council Regular and Work Session meetings. Both meetings are held at City Hall Council Chambers, 205 E Third Street, Wapato, WA. City Council meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.

Council Work Sessions are informal and informational. They are just before City Council meetings starting as early as 6:00 pm.