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Wapato City Hall
205 E 3rd Street
Wapato, WA 98951-1326
Tel. 509.877.2334
Fax 509.877.3979

For after hours emergency calls regarding Sewer or Water problems, please call (509) 877-3161.

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City Council Members

Position Name Address Phone Cell Email
Mayor Jesse Farias 316A Southpark Dr 877-6169 (H) 985.7500
Council Position 1 Richard Foss 306 Southpark Dr   654-2331
Council Position 2 Rita Alvarado 702 W 4th St   930-8310
Council Position 3
Ken Lawrence 809 S Naches Ave   930-2582
Council Position 4 Frank Jaime 108 N Central Ave   307-8630  
Council Position 5
Mayor Pro tempore
Tony Guzmàn 102 N. Central Ave 877-2986 (H) 985-1634 tonyguzmà
Council Position 6 Roberto Reyna 314 W Third St   945-1836  
Council Position 7 vacant        


City Departments

Department Director's Name Physical Address Phone Cell Fax Email
Clerk-Treasurer Sue Pearson 205 E 3rd St 877.2334 985.7900 877.3979
Community Center   1109 S Camas Ave        
Fire Chief Santos Valdez 205 S Frontage Rd 877.7146 961.4003 877.7170
Municipal Court Nona Cook 205 S Simcoe Ave 877.6269   877.7363
Police Chief Richard Needham 205 S Simcoe Ave 877.4275 961.6055 877.7363
Public Works Menglou Wang 100 French Lane 877.3622 952.0155 877.6381
Wapato Reservation Community
Memorial Park (Cemetery)
  5161 W Wapato Road        

Mailing address for all departments is: City of Wapato, 205 E 3rd Street, Wapato WA 98951-1326.



Committee Representative Alternate
DRYVE Committee PWD Menglou Wang Mayor
MVTV Committee Representative Councilmember Guzmàn BI Hernandez
New Vision Mayor  
TAC-YVCOG PWD Menglou Wang  
Wapato Chamber of Commerce    
Yakama Nation Housing Community Policing Team Michael Sanford  
Yakima River Basin Salmon Recovery Board Mayor  
Yakima Valley Mayors Mayor Mayor Pro-tempore
YVCOG Board Mayor Chief Valdez
Yakima County Gang Commission Mayor  
Yakima Valley Emergency Services Board Mayor