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The City Hall PlacqueCity of Wapato serves its residents through the staff in these city departments:

Clerk-Treasurer's Office

This office accepts all legal service for the City and the Mayor. City Hall answers questions or make referrals to the correct department/person. It processes all the city licensing (dog, business, landlord), park and community center reservations and payments, utility billing and discounts, receipts (accounts receivables), invoices (accounts payable), and payroll. Personnel take minutes and process action items of meetings; and organizes and processes contracts, resolutions, and ordinances. For more information, please visit the Administrative Services pages.

City of Wapato Fire Department

Fire Department / EMS

The Wapato Fire Department  provide fire suppression and basic emergency medical services as well as other non-emergency services from one fire station located at 205 S. Frontage Rd. Our first response area covers 1.7 square miles within the Wapato City limits. For more information, please visit the Fire Department page.


In Wapato, the Fire Chief is our Planner. The City is committed to helping you through your planning and/or land use process.  If you have a change you would like to make your property, please check with the Fire Chief to make sure you are allowed to do so.  Before you purchase property, contact the Fire Chief and Building Official to find out whether you can build your desired business or home at that location.  For more information, please visit the Planning page.

Municipal Court

The Wapato Municipal Court sets court dates and has court weekly.  They handle the disposition of tickets and misdemeanor crimes.  Fines whether for tickets or given by the Judge are paid to the Court. For more information, please visit the Municipal Court pages.

City of Wapato - Police Department

Police Department

The Police Department protects and serves the residents of Wapato.  They offer a variety of investigative, preventative, and community policing programs.  Their goal is to listen to you and work with you about your concerns in the community.  The Municipal Jail houses our local inmates as well as inmates from contract cities. For more information, please visit the Police Department pages.


Public Works

The Public Works Department’s mission is to provide the highest quality services to the City’s residents, customers, and other City Departments. The Department is responsible for the building inspection, code enforcement, construction, maintenance and operation of the City’s water, sewer, solid waste, streets, parks, cemetery, public buildings, and equipment. For more information, please visit the Public Works page.


City Hall
205 E 3rd Street
Wapato WA 98951
Tel. 509.877.2334
Fax 509.877.3979
City Council Meetings

The public is invited and encouraged to all open public meetings of the City Council Regular and Work Session meetings. Both meetings are held at City Hall Council Chambers, 205 E Third Street, Wapato, WA. City Council meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.

Council Work Sessions are informal and informational. They are just before City Council meetings starting as early as 6:00 pm.