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Wapato: History and Heritage


by Wapato History Committee, 1978

Wapato History and HeritageThis valuable historical reference on the history and heritage of Wapato, Washington consists of 131 pages of articles written by various community groups and historians and stories of both the good times and the hardships of pioneers who had come to the area by 1920. From the early years as an Indian Trading post, through the development of irrigation and agriculture throughout the district, the history of Wapato is chronicled through the stories of the descendants of the original settlers.

Groups involved in this project were the Yakama Indian Nation, Japanese community, Filipino community, Mexican American community and the Caucasian community, coordinated by the Wapato Historical Committee.

The area covered in the book includes the Wapato School District and/or the U.S. mail routes for Wapato. The city of Wapato, Washington is located 15 miles south and east of Yakima in the Lower Yakima Valley, on the Yakama Indian Reservation. The Parker Heights area is not on the reservation.

History was the major objective in the search for and the compilation of the materials in the book. While many modern writers have no way of discovering the full truth in regard to events of years ago, they have utilized printed contemporaneous accounts when possible. Too often printed accounts for these historic periods in the Wapato area are unavailable, thus the early pioneers relied on the vividness of their memories for fidelity to truth. This may seem an easy task for the memories of the living, but initials, dates, and spelling of names may be difficult to recall.

The Wapato History and Heritage book can be used for historical and genealogical research for the Wapato area dating back to the early settlers in late 1800s.


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