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Land Use, Zoning, & Development

In Wapato, the Fire Chief is our Planner. The City is committed to helping you through your planning and/or land use process.  If you have a change you would like to make your property, please check with the Fire Chief to make sure you are allowed to do so.  Before you purchase property, contact the Fire Chief and Building Official to find out whether you can build your desired business or home at that location. 

When you want to build, please call.  Especially if you have the following changes:

  • Fences
  • Roofing

Zoning:  Different types of land use are developed and used in different zones.  What Zone are you in?  Check the Zoning Map.

Variances, Administrative Approvals, Zoning Application

Development:  This has to do with planned developments or large construction projects.  Planned developments are annexations, short plats, long plats, subdivisions, or a planned development.  Please contact the Fire Chief for more information.

Land Use:  Land use is how the City has chosen to use land to make it compatible to different types of influences.  Before you make a change or purchase property, please find out about land use.  Please see the Land Use and Zoning Application and Wapato Municipal Code for information.

Long Range Planning:  Long-range planning is accomplished through updates to our Comprehensive Plan including urban growth area.  (Should we have the urban growth area map here?)  There are shoreline concerns along the Yakima River so please contact the Fire Chief if you have shoreline management questions.

Final Comprehensive Plan - Amended January 17, 2012

Planning Commission: The Planning Commission is a citizen advisory board of five people who serve six-year terms.  The meetings are once a month on the second Tuesday at City of Wapato Council Chambers, 205 E Third Street, Wapato WA; at 6:00 pm.  Their main purpose is to advise Council on the best direction the City should go through planning.

Visit thePlanning Commission page for Agendas and Minutes.


French Lane Annexation

The City has annexed a portion of land next to Lion's Park.  The developer is looking to put in new single family homes.  Once the project is complete, French Lane will go from being  a private road to a city maintained street.

Download the Annexation/Boundary Line Adjustment Documentation Checklist





City Hall
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Tel. 509.877.2334
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Planning Commission Meetings

The public is invited to all open public meetings of the Wapato Planning Commission which meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm at City Hall Council Chambers, 205 E Third Street, Wapato, WA (map). For more information, contact the Fire Chief, Santos Valdez.