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Wapato Police

Department History

The Wapato Police Department is located at it original site located at 205 South Simcoe Ave. On September 23, 1908, J.F. Barnes was appointed Town Marshal for the City of Wapato. Barnes served until 1911. In 1911, Wiles Rodman was appointed the first Police Chief for the City of Wapato. Today, the Wapato Police Department has a total staff of 18. We maintain a 73 inmate Jail and Municipal Court.

Police Chiefs

1911 to ? Wiles Rodman
1930 to 1934 Elmer Weeks
1935 to 1945 Vard Nichols
1945 to 1973 Howard Burton
1973 to 1989 Robert Wilson
1989 to 1995 Lonnie James
1995 to 1996 Tracy Rosenow
1998 to 2004 Don Lane
2005 to 2011 Richard Sanchez
2011 to 2014 Tracy Rosenow
2015 to present Richard Needham


Points in History

1940 First Police Car
1940 Chevrolet Panel Van
1955 First Walkie Talkie Radio
1956 First Mobile Radio Installed in Patrol Car


Wapato Police Dept.
205 S Simcoe Ave
Wapato WA 98951
Tel. 509.877.4275
Fax 509.877.7363
Crime Prevention

Car Theft Prevention

As the temperatures fall people start their vehicles so they can warm up prior to driving them.

This is commonly called a “puffer” and vehicle thieves patrol the city looking for these cars. ... learn more