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Police Support

The Wapato Police Department is now accepting Lateral entry applications for the position of Police Support Specialist (PSS) and Police Support Lead (PS Lead). The process will be open until filled. Oral interviews will be utilized to determine qualified candidates. The hourly pay rate range for PSS is $19.72 to $23.68 and the hourly pay rate range for PS Lead is $21.65 to $25.9. DOE. Benefits Package includes excellent medical, dental and vision. Contact the City of Wapato (509) 877-2334, 205 E 3rd St Wapato, Wa or Nona Cook at (509) 877-4275 ext.1202, 205 S. Simcoe Ave, Wapato, WA. Or www.wapato-city.org for applications, and job descriptions.

The City of Wapato is an equal opportunity employer.

Lateral Entry applications should have a minimum of two years’ experience in a services support role for a law enforcement agency. Experience with NIBRS, UCR, ACCESS, NCIC, Records Management and Public Information Request will be given priority.

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City Attorney General Legal Services

The City of Wapato is accepting proposals from qualified attorneys or firms to provide City Attorney General Legal Services either on an in-house employee basis or on a contractual basis.  

Proposals should address the following scope of services:


Act as general legal counsel to the City elected officials and City Staff. Legal counsel will provide representation, advice, and interpretation of municipal corporation law as it applies to the City.

Typical Duties (not exhaustive)

  1. Provide general legal advice to the Mayor, City Administrator, Department Directors, City Council, and all City Boards and Commissions regarding all legal matters relating to the performance of their duties.
  2. Maintain knowledge of issues facing the City and be prepared to offer timely legal opinions within a pre-established response process.
  3. Attend City Council meetings and other City Council, board(s) or commission meetings as requested by the Mayor and/or City Administrator.
  4. Legal actions or administrative proceedings that may be initiated by the City, except on matters for which the City Prosecutor or the City’s insurance carrier is providing representation, including appeals or as needed to assist Insurance Carrier appointed an attorney(s) during litigation. Association of Washington Cities, Risk Management Services Association (AWC RMSA) provides the City’s general liability and property insurance coverages.
  5. Land use proceedings that may be initiated by the City, except on matters for which the City’s insurance carrier is providing representation, including appeals.
  6. Appearance and/or initiation or other involvement, on behalf of the City, in other dispute resolution proceedings, including, but not necessarily limited to judicial, arbitration or mediation, and appeals thereof.
  7. Represent and advise in matters relating to Federal Highway Administration and Washington Department of Transportation funded projects.
  8. Represent and advise in matters relating to Stormwater/NPDES permitting.
  9. Respond in a timely manner to inquiries from authorized City departments and/or elected officials through the City routing system and provide regular status reports on active issues through present routing system.
  10. Assist the Police Department on matters relating to Police Liability issues and/or changes in policy.
  11. Review and/or draft contracts, in whole or in part, and activities incidental or related thereto, including, but not necessarily limited to, real-estate transactions, interlocal agreements, labor agreements, professional services, purchasing, service or product contracts, as requested. May assist in negotiation of such contracts and/or agreements as requested.
  12. Review legislation, including ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and agenda bills, drafted by staff as to form and content, together with applicable comments/questions/suggestions.
  13. Prepare and/or review ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and other documents as necessary to represent and protect the City’s interest, and advise the City with regards thereto.
  14. Represent the City in litigation, (or as needed to assist Insurance Company appointed an attorney(s) during litigation.)  Provide research, recommendation, written legal opinions, preparation, and review of issues relating to land use/public property acquisitions/growth management. Law enforcement, finance, personnel law, private/public partnerships and public record requests as requested by the Mayor, Council, City Administrator, or Department Directors.


Minimum five (5) years experience within or with municipal government in providing general municipal legal services is desirable.

Extensive knowledge of federal, state, and municipal status, case law, regulations and policies relevant to city government in areas of civil, land use, and administrative law; of legal procedures; and of courtroom procedures.

Substantial experience in working with agencies and public boards.  

Experience in all aspects of municipal law. The City will give preference to individuals or firms with experience in municipal issues, such as zoning, environmental questions, land use permits, annexation and growth boundary review board, building code, personnel issues, public utilities, contract development and interpretation, public records act, forfeiture/seizure hearings, code enforcement/abatement, and police liability, including changes to police policy matters.

Member of the Washington State Bar.  


Attorney and/or firm/practice name, address, phone, and fax number.

A summary of the attorney’s or firm’s qualifications as they relate to the duties and desired qualifications described above, as well as demonstrated knowledge relating to municipal corporations.  

A list of references knowledgeable about your municipal and public sector related work. Include contact names, telephone numbers, and addresses.

A description of how you would propose to provide the required legal services. This should include an understanding of the City’s service requirements.  

A discussion of the qualifications and experience of each attorney who would provide legal services, along with detailed resumes. This discussion will clearly identify the person to serve as primary city attorney and will differentiate this person from other supporting key personnel and their particular area(s) of expertise.  

A discussion about the expected salary or fee to be charged to the City for the services.  

Please submit proposals via e-mail to Juan Orozco, City Administrator, jorozco@wapato-city.org.

Proposals should be submitted on or before close of business on March 15, 2019.  The position will, however, remain open until filled.  

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Volunteer Openings

The Fire Department is always recruiting volunteers to be firefighters and emergency medical technicians.  If you are interested, please contact Wapato City Hall.
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The Police Department is always recruiting volunteers to be Police Reserve Officers.

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