Fire Department / EMS

The Wapato Fire Department provides fire suppression and basic emergency medical services as well as other non-emergency services from the fire station located at 205 S. Frontage Rd. Our first response area covers 1.7 square miles within the Wapato City limits. CityofWapatoFireDepartmentBadgeLG

The Wapato Fire Department consists of Volunteer Fire Chief, George Gomez, Assistant Fire Chief, Greg Klutts, Justin J. Ihnen, and 17 volunteers. Fire protection and emergency medical service are provided to the residents of our City and the surrounding area Through Yakima County District #5 which we share one station.  The city counts with two engines and one rescue rig that we also share with District #5 and one command vehicle.


Caring Professionals Protecting the Community

The Wapato Fire Department is dedicated to preserving life, property and the environment, utilizing effective principles and practices of modern fire, emergency and life safety technology.


The Wapato fire Department operates under the direction of The Public Safety Director, who is responsible to the City Mayor and City Council. Although the Building/Code Official is not under the direction of this department, he does share the same building and share some of the responsibilities with the Fire Chief. In order to deliver the service needed to accomplish the stated mission, the Department operates under four general areas:

  1. Administrative, responsible for personnel, budgets, resource management, and public affairs.
  2. Support Service, responsible for training, apparatus maintenance, fire permits and fire Investigation.
  3. Fire Prevention/Code/Building, responsible for building inspection, plan reviews, building permits, and Fire Education.
  4. Operations, responsible for the delivery of field services for fire suppression and emergency medical care.

Wapato participates in a County wide mutual aid agreement providing fire and emergency medical service upon request to 14 cities and 9 fire districts.

The Wapato Fire Department has an association that supports the department and provides social and community activities for the members and families.  A monthly meeting is held and various activities occur throughout the year.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Wapato Fire Department call (509) 877-7146 or visit the fire station located at 205 S. Frontage Rd. Each person must fill out an application and an interview will be scheduled with The Public Safety Director, Michael Campos.

Download the Building & Fire Permit Application

Download the Lower Valley Fire & Rescue Volunteer Recruit Application


The Fire Department spending some time with The Wapato Community on National Night out.