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The Public Works Department’s mission is to provide the highest quality services to the City’s residents, customers, and other City Departments. The Department is responsible for the building inspection, code enforcement, construction, maintenance and operation of the City’s water, sewer, solid waste, streets, parks, cemetery, public buildings, and equipment.

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Public Works Department is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all residents of Wapato by providing the highest professional level of customer service and the best infrastructure facilities possible while working within the budgetary funds available.


icon-buildingThe Building Division office is located in the Wapato Fire Station. The Building Official and Code Enforcement Officer is available by appointment through Wapato City Hall. Over the last couple of years this division coordinated the efforts to abate a number of dilapidated buildings and clean up many areas of the community in partnership with supportive landowners.  The Code Enforcement Officer also assists the Police Department with the removal of abandoned vehicles.

For specific building code questions or to apply for a building permit, contact the Building Inspector at 509.877.7146.

Mechanical Permit Application
Building & Fire Permit Application

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Projects and Programs

  • Numerous Residential remodels
  • Many code inspections
  • Construction of a new high school building and gym remodel
  • Building Expansion of Valley Fruit


icon-CemeteryReservation Community Memorial Park is owned and operated by the City of Wapato. Visit the Reservation Community Memorial Park page for information on the location, funeral information, visiting the cemetery and researching family members who may be buried there.

The Wapato Cemetery is located 3.5 miles west of the City limits on West Wapato Road. The Cemetery is within a beautifully landscaped high maintenance park setting. City staff handles a variety of aspects of approximately 75 opening and closing per year. The Public Works Department maintains the lovely park appearance as well as sets markers and assists customers in locating grave sites for family members.

Inquiries related to Cemetery Information, and City services provided at the cemetery, can be received by contacting Wapato City Hall during regular office hours.

Equipment Rental

icon-equipmentThis division of Public Works supports all departments within the City of Wapato.  The main function is to pay for and track expenditures of 50 pieces of rolling stock as well as maintain equipment replacement reserve along with bill payment and record keeping to keep the equipment running.


icon-parksThe community parks in Wapato are probably some of the best-kept secrets in the Yakima Valley. They range in size from 20 acres to small neighborhood size. They are well-maintained and provide a quiet environment for family enjoyment.

The Lions Park is central to the Olympic size swimming pool, and soccer and baseball fields. It includes a walking trail, picnic shelters, kitchen/barbeque areas, as well as a stage and public restrooms. An additional 17 acres of park improvement is in the master planning stage with a goal of facility completion in the next few years.

Reservations for group activities and the use of park facilities will be accommodated by completing and submitting the Facilities Rental Form and paying the deposit to City Hall during regular office hours.

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There are a number of scheduled events throughout the year that are held at the parks and open to the public. You are welcome to come and enjoy any of the festivities. You’ll find the details on our Events Calendar. Contact City Hall for additional information.

2016-2021 Parks and Recreation – Comprehensive Plan

Community Center Rental

The Community Center in Wapato is a great facility to rent if you are having a family gathering. Please call Frank Jaime at 509.949.8367 to see if the schedule is open. Reservations for this facility will be accommodated by completing and submitting the Facilities Rental Form and paying the deposit to City Hall during regular office hours.

There are a number of scheduled events throughout the year that are held at the parks and open to the public. You are welcome to come and enjoy any of the festivities. You’ll find the details on our Events Calendar. Contact City Hall for additional information.

You can now Pay for Community Center Rentals Online


2017 Pool Hours
The pool closed for the season on September 2, 2017.

10:00 am – 11:00 am – Water Walking
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm – Water Aerobics
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm – Public Swim
5:00 pm – 8:00 pm – Public Swim

10:00 am – 11:00 am – Water Aerobics / Water Walking

Saturday and Sunday afternoons
Available for Private Party Renals

Please contact City Hall for additional information.

icon-poolsThe Wapato Swimming Pool is located within the boundary of one of the nicest looking parks in the Lower Yakima Valley. It is Olympic size and as such Wapato has the ability to host a number of seasonal swimming events.  Sited next to the City Community Center and surrounded by park the pool is an ideal place for many activities.

Reservations for private use of pool facilities will be accommodated by completing and submitting the Facilities Rental Form and paying the deposit to City Hall during regular office hours.


Public Works Job Openings

There are no openings at this time. Please see the employment section for more information on employment with the City of Wapato


Public Works Service Center

icon-serviceThe Public Works Service Center houses, within an impoundment area, the Water, Streets, Parks, Equipment Rental, and Administration offices of the Public Works Department.  Most of the public interaction is handled at the Wapato City Hall location. However, the Public Works operation is managed from the Service Center.

The Service Center is located at:
100 French Lane, near the 1 million gallons standpipe water reservoir.



icon-sewerThis is a city enterprise fund that provides for all aspects of operation and maintenance of Wapato’s wastewater utility.  The division facilities include many miles of collection lines, 4 lift stations, and a wastewater treatment plant.

Some ongoing projects include:

  • Sewer collection line yearly flushing
  • Lift station repair
  • The City of Wapato is upgrading its Wastewater Treatment Plant. The new plant will use the membrane biological reactor (MBR) process in order to meet the discharge permit requirements. The construction cost is approximately $10 million. You will see construction start in the fall 2014 and go through 2015.

Listing of Water & Sewer Projects – October 2016

Sewer Rate Increase: Effective Jan. 1st, rates were increased. See the Notice for additional info.

Learn more about the Sewer Systems in Washington State


icon-streetsAs with most small communities, the streets department competes directly with current expense fund accounts in providing services to its residents. Even with the tight budgets, the City of Wapato has managed to complete projects on South Camas Avenue, Wapato Avenue (in the downtown section), Donald Road, and North Track Road within recent years.  A recent street project was completed for Ahtanum Avenue. This project was primarily funded through the State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) and was completed in 2013.

See Wapato Transportation Benefit District

2016 Traffic Counts

Learn more about the development of Streets & the Transportation System in Washington State.

Future Streets Projects

The following is a list of street projects which are included on the City’s Six Year Transportation Improvement Program. This project listing is updated each year and approved by City Council resolution prior to submitting to the State Department of Transportation. The estimated cost of these improvements is 6 million dollars. A majority of these funds come from State or Federal funding sources. For detail information related to any of these projects contact the Public Works Department.

  • Resurfacing of West 1st Street
  • Trader Street Reconstruction
  • Track Road Improvements
  • Intersection Improvement at 9th Street and Highway 97

icon-utilitybillingUtility Billing

Visit the City’s Administrative Services section for information on utility services.



icon-waterThe Water Division of Public Works is an enterprise fund.  Considering revenues and expenditures it acts like a stand-alone business within the city organization.  Primarily its revenues are generated from the selling of water services to its customers. Wapato employs a number of Washington State certified water managers to maintain a superb quality of water to our residents and customers.

Some ongoing projects include:

  • Water Comprehensive Plan
  • Cross-connection control
  • Fire hydrant flushing
  • Valve exercise

Water Main Line Flushing
Delivering high quality drinking water to our customers every day means that our water department has to perform a variety of maintenance and testing for the water system. One of the most important tasks performed by the water department is flushing the main water lines to remove naturally occurring sediments and debris buildup. To flush the main lines the water department opens fire hydrants systematically around the city. The water flushed out from the hydrant draws debris from the system lines to provide a more clean product to the customer. After flushing of the main line is complete customers may notice a discoloration in their tap water from the stirring up of sediment from the flushing. This can easily be taken care of by simply running the faucets around your home or business until clear water flows from the tap. If you have any questions please feel free to contact City Hall so that we can provide you with more information. 10/27/2017

Listing of Water & Sewer Projects – October 2016

Interesting Water facts:

  • Wapato has 1.47 million gallons of storage water within the two main water reservoirs.
  • The Water Division maintains 5 municipal water wells which are the sources of water for Wapato’s residents and customers.
  • There are approximately 1285 water service connections supporting our 5035 resident population.

Customer Confidence Reports

2012 Water Quality Report
2013 Water Quality Report
2014 Water Quality Report
2015 Water Quality ReportEspañol
2016 Water Quality ReportEspañol

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