The Water Division of Public Works is an enterprise fund.  Considering revenues and expenditures it acts like a stand-alone business within the city organization.  Primarily its revenues are generated from the selling of water services to its customers. Wapato employs a number of Washington State certified water managers to maintain a superb quality of water to our residents and customers.

Some ongoing projects include:

  • Water Comprehensive Plan
  • Cross-connection control
  • Fire hydrant flushing
  • Valve exercise

Water Main Line Flushing
Delivering high-quality drinking water to our customers every day means that our water department has to perform a variety of maintenance and testing for the water system. One of the most important tasks performed by the water department is flushing the main water lines to remove naturally occurring sediments and debris buildup. To flush the main lines the water department opens fire hydrants systematically around the city. The water flushed out from the hydrant draws debris from the system lines to provide a more clean product to the customer. After flushing of the main line is complete customers may notice a discoloration in their tap water from the stirring up of sediment from the flushing. This can easily be taken care of by simply running the faucets around your home or business until clear water flows from the tap. If you have any questions please feel free to contact City Hall so that we can provide you with more information. 10/27/2017

Listing of Water & Sewer Projects – October 2016

Interesting Water facts:

  • Wapato has 1.47 million gallons of storage water within the two main water reservoirs.
  • The Water Division maintains 5 municipal water wells which are the sources of water for Wapato’s residents and customers.
  • There are approximately 1285 water service connections supporting our 5035 resident population.

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